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Food Brands
5 min read

We asked ChatGPT to plan a weeks meals with small UK food brand, here is what happened

Discover how AI navigates the food scene as ChatGPT plans a week's worth of meals using hidden gems from small UK food brands. Dive into this exciting AI culinary adventure!

Snacking as Self-Expression: The Aesthetic Revolution in the Food and Beverage Industry

Explore how snacking has transformed into an act of self-expression, with snack choices reflecting personal identity. Dive into the world of aesthetic snacking.
Food Brands
5 min read

How I Built a Food Brand with an AI in Just 30 Minutes

Join us on a whirlwind journey as we partner with ChatGPT to cook up VegfulBites, a plant-based ready-to-cook meal kit brand, in under 30 minutes. Experience the future of branding with AI.

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