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Consumer trends in 2023 for grocery stores and how to make the most of them

Stay ahead of the curve and discover the top consumer trends in 2023 for grocery stores. Learn about increased demand for convenience, focus on health and wellness, emphasis on sustainability, and personalized shopping experiences.

How the food industry is tackling inflation

Explore the strategies used by wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers in the food industry to tackle inflation. Learn how Whole Foods is working with its suppliers and how other retailers are responding to the rising cost of living.


Discover how convenience stores can meet the growing demand for plant-based products during Veganuary. Learn about the challenges and opportunities in sourcing vegan options and real-life examples of success. Stay ahead of the game!

Inflation watch: March 2023

Keep up with the latest UK food inflation trends. Our March 2023 report covers rising prices in food categories and popular brands, and wholesale prices.

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